Articles by Brady Carlson

Law enforcement officers, emergency medical workers and lab technicians are trained to minimize their exposure to dangerous substances. The increasing use of powerful opioids — which are dangerous to inhale or even touch in very small amounts — is adding unpredictability to these risks.
Between 2002 and 2016, nearly 14,000 refugees fleeing violence and persecution around the world resettled in Wisconsin. Of this group, more than 5,000 were from a single nation in southeast Asia: Burma.
The number of Wisconsin businesses that close is higher than the number of new firms, according to a new analysis of Census data.
Wisconsin's government workforce is shrinking over time.
Wisconsin home sales reached record levels in 2016, according to end-of-year data from the Wisconsin Realtors Association.
The federal government is putting $23 million toward Wisconsin's efforts to end homelessness.
As the state calls for ideas that use manure digesters to help improve drinking-water quality in Wisconsin, it's helpful to better understand how the actual functions of digesters align with the problem at hand.
Wisconsin's bird populations are changing in some unusual ways, according to new findings published by the state Department of Natural Resources.