Articles by Anne Clarkson

A teen who experiences headaches or stomach aches, has unexplained bruises or injuries or avoids school may be the victim of bullying and needs a parent or caretaker to intervene.
Parents today are much more sensitive to the signs and effects of bullying on their children. However, they may not be as conscious of how their own behavior can affect bullying by children.
Parents can improve their skills and enhance family relationships by practicing mindfulness, an intentional focus on the current moment without thinking about the past or planning for the future.
Many American parents are accustomed to frequent conversation with their children in their late teens and early 20s, yet a parent may feel her or his conversation with the child is entirely one-directional — calls, texts, and personal messages are rarely returned.
Holidays often bring to mind iconic images of the whole family gathered around the dinner table. But when the imaginary tinsel and cooking aroma clears, the truth is that many families can't be together during the holiday season.
With such a fast rise to fame, understanding the long-term effects of Pokémon Go on kids is impossible. However, what is known about other technologies can help predict how to make the use of new media, like Pokémon Go and other social platforms, a safe and positive experience for kids and parents.