Articles by Beth Olson

While the ketogenic diet may be trendy, it’s important to know what it is before jumping onto another health bandwagon.
Although humans need to consume a certain amount of fat, not all fats are created equally.
Warmer weather and longer days offer an ideal opportunity to start cleaning up eating habits and getting on track to a healthy lifestyle. Getting started does not require sweeping changes or drastic measures.
Learning what to feed an infant can be a confusing process filled with different information from multiple sources. But parents just want to find the right information to safely provide their babies with a nutritious diet.
Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy traditions with family and friends. But for people trying to focus on their health, navigating calorie-laden foods and coping with busy schedules can be challenging.
Sprouted grains are a popular new type of food hitting the shelves of grocery stores and kitchen cabinets.
With an increasing number of teenagers choosing to become vegetarians, some parents may be concerned that their teens won't have healthy diets or that they will no longer wish to share in family meals.