Articles by Zac Schultz

The number of women seeking state legislative seats is up in 2018, with two-thirds of these candidates running as Democrats. Emerge Wisconsin is a group that helps recruit and train Democratic women to run for office in the state.
Ángel Flores grew up on a farm in Mexico with the familiar smell of home cooked tortillas wafting through the air.
The Fox River Locks are all operated by hand, and with a simple understanding of physics.
A group of law students from Wisconsin is heading to Texas to provide legal assistance for those detained along the border with Mexico. UW Law School Immigrant Justice Clinic director Erin Barbato discusses what they'll be doing there.
Twice a week, a group of retired veterans shows up at the Mobility 4 Vets Wheelchair Shop in Waupaca. They'll spend the next few hours fixing up donated wheelchairs and scooters.
Refugee resettlement numbers in Wisconsin have dropped by two-thirds between 2016-2017. Scott Gordon of WisContext discusses how U.S. policies in 2017 helped shape the decline.
As a farmer, Mark Shepard appears hard to pin down.
Picking the right Christmas tree can be the biggest choice of the season.
Efforts to have science inform law have played out vividly over the past 20 years of disputes over high-capacity groundwater wells in Wisconsin.
A hill in Vernon County was overrun with red cedar and prickly ash, it contained a secret past. It was once a hillside prairie and an oak savanna.