Articles by Chuck Quirmbach

A bumblebee species reported in 10 Wisconsin counties has become the first bumblebee to be listed as endangered under a federal law.
The city of Waukesha says it's moving ahead with plans to pipe in drinking water from Lake Michigan. But there could be a snag.
It looks like Wisconsin will be counting on more animal waste digesters to handle the growing amount of cow manure at large dairy farms.
There may be a way to prevent harmful blooms of algae in some lakes or reservoirs, according to a new study.
A study published on Dec. 22 found a type of blacktop sealant is the main source of a harmful pollutant in Milwaukee-area streams.
The state's largest non-government effort to help homeless veterans says requests for aid continue to come in by the hundreds each year.
Some Kewaunee County leaders are asking for fast action from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the new year to combat local problems with drinking and surface water.
The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has passed a controversial master plan for more than 3,000 acres of what used to be the Badger Army Ammunition plant near Baraboo.
President-elect Donald Trump, an occasional climate change denier and outspoken critic of environmental regulations, has given environmentalists little reason for optimism, but some energy experts in Wisconsin agree renewable energy will continue to grow, even under a Trump presidency.
A conservation group has filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources over plans for part of the former Badger Army Ammunition plant near Baraboo.