Articles by Scottie Lee Meyers

The national headlines on global warming typically focus on the recent stretch of record high temperatures, the retreat of glaciers and rising sea levels. For the average Wisconsinite, those effects may feel distant, even abstract.
References to climate change, rising temperatures and the human activities that cause them have been removed recently from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources web page.
A new health report shows a lot of room for improvement in Wisconsin, especially for American minority groups and people without a college education.
There's an experiment water scientists like to do this time of year to prove the point that human behavior affects the health of our lakes and rivers and other waterways.
For parents figuring out how to continue communicating with their children once they leave home, it can be a challenge to strike that balance between staying in touch without suffocating their fledgling lives.
Wisconsin's obesity rate appears to be higher than previously thought, according to new data released in December 2016.
The bombs started getting closer in 2012 as Syria's civil war was just beginning.
The civil unrest that played out this summer in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood was not just a reaction to an officer-involved shooting – it was a primal scream from a community that desperately seeks the restoration of economic opportunity.
While tremendous progress has been made in battling the AIDS epidemic, the number of newly diagnosed cases among young people in Wisconsin has doubled since 2005.
Wisconsin school administrators and teachers say they're on high alert in wake of the presidential election as they make sure their classrooms remain civil and safe for all students.