El Niño, ENSO Cycle, Climate Research And Wisconsin: More Information

Resources For Exploring Complex Weather Phenomenon
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Spanish for "The Niño"
Illustration by John Wilson/background image by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a complex but pivotal phenomenon in global weather, and even leading climatologists still have much to learn about it. But because of the many unknowns and ENSOs profound impacts on people around the world, there are a wealth of  organizations seeking a better understanding of its underlying mechanisms and influence upon weather.

The following reports and resources are excellent starting points for grasping the fundamental aspects of ENSO, and opportunities to delve deeper into specific facets of this important and fascinating phenomenon.

Wisconsin Public Television

Here and Now: University of Wisconsin-Madison climatologist Dan Vimont introduces the ENSO cycle and how El Niño can affect global weather patterns. Watch and learn more.

University Place: UW-Extension stormwater specialist David Liebl discusses long-term climate change modeling and how satellites are used in this research. Watch and learn more.

University Place: UW-Madison climatologists Jonathan Martin and Steve Ackerman discuss winter weather variations and how they inform climate change research. Watch and learn more.

Wisconsin Public Radio

Central Time: UW-Madison climatologist Dan Vimont discusses El Niño and the challenges of forecasting its effects. Listen and learn more.

Climatology and meteorology resources

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: NOAA's El Niño portal


NOAA/National Weather Service/National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Climate Prediction Center: ENSO outlooks and tools

NOAA/National Weather Service/National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Climate Prediction Center: El Niño/Southern Oscillation diagnostic discussion

NOAA/National Weather Service: El Niño and Southern Wisconsin

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: El Niño, La Niña & ENSO FAQ

International Research Institute for Climate and Society: ENSO Forecast

Midwest Regional Climate Center: El Niño

Midwest Regional Climate Center: ENSO Comparison Tool

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts: How is Wisconsin's climate changing?

University of Wisconsin-Extension: Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends: Climate Change

Climate Wisconsin: Stories from a State of Change


World Meteorological Organization: The El Niño of 2015-16

NOAA Climate Prediction Center: Winter Outlook 2015-16

Saturday Night Live: Weather Scope: El Niño

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